Press release

LLR The Prime Minister’s statement regarding the election result in Great Britain


Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen’s statement regarding the election result in Great Britain:

“We must respect the choice made by a majority of the British population. At the same time, I strongly regret the outcome – both for Europe and for Denmark. It is now up to the British Government to decide the way forward for Great Britain. It is my hope that Great Britain wants to retain close relations with the EU.

The result of the British referendum does not in any way change the fact that Denmark belongs in the EU. The EU is Denmark’s best opportunity to influence the world around us. We can do some things better on our own, but we are stronger together. Denmark and the Danish economy are heavily dependent on the European community.

The outcome of the last three referenda in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Denmark calls for reflection. They reflect a scepti-cism which is widespread in other European countries too. As deci-sion-makers in the EU, we must take this scepticism very seriously.

It will require an extraordinary effort to regain the trust and support of European citizens for European cooperation. The EU must focus its attention on the major issues which matter to our citizens and leave other issues which member states can handle better on their own aside.

I will now await the British Government’s announcement regarding the actions it intends to take. I look forward to discussing the situation with my European colleagues at the EU summit next week.”