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AFR Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen to meet with Russian President Putin

(Photo: Gerard Cerles, Polfoto)



Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen will have a meeting with Russian President Putin at the 10th EU-Russia Summit in Brussels on Monday 11 November.

Three major items will be on the agenda: the new Europe, the status and future perspectives of EU-Russian co-operation, and international issues.

Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen states:

”I am looking forward to the EU-Russia Summit in Brussels. Russia is an important partner for the EU and also the EU’s largest neighbour. There is huge potential for strengthening co-operation between the EU and Russia, not least within the economic sphere.

It is my hope that at the Summit, the EU and Russia can reach agreement on Kaliningrad and the issue of transit for Russian citizens.

We will also discuss how we can develop and strengthen our political and economic co-operation. In addition, we will exchange views on current international and regional issues.

* * *

The Summit will take place at the Council building, Justus Lipsius, in Brussels at 12:40 PM – 2:40 PM, followed by a working lunch.

A joint press conference will be held at 4:15 PM – 4:45 PM (BD.40, level 00).

There will be a family photo opportunity at 12:35 PM (inside, at the VIP entrance, level 02).

In addition, there will be a photo opportunity at 12:30 PM (VIP entrance, level 02) in connection with the Prime Minister’s reception of President Putin, and at the beginning of the Summit at 12:40 PM in 50.4.

Accreditation is required (see

Contact information Head of Section, Jesper Fersløv Andersen, phone: +45 33 92 22 35/40 80 36 88