Government meetings

The ministers' cooperation in the Government involves several regular meetings and work in a number of committees.

Cabinet meetings

Cabinet meetings are usually held every Tuesday at the Prime Minister’s Office during the periods when Parliament is in session.

The Prime Minister heads the cabinet meetings.

At the cabinet meeting the Government deals with, for instance, draft legislation before it is presented to Parliament; proposals for parliamentary resolutions; reports to Parliament; other major Government initiatives; appointments for boards, councils, and committees as well as appointments of senior civil servants; decision on proposals for legislation from the opposition for, parliamentary resolutions and parliamentary questions.

Government seminars

It has been a tradition since the 1980s that government ministers gather once or twice each year for a two-day government seminar, where important subjects are discussed.

The Council of State

Ministers also gather for the Council of State under the direction of the Queen.

According to the Constitution, all legislation and important government action must be negotiated in the Council of State.

This means in practice that all draft legislation and proposals for parliamentary resolution are presented to the Council of State before being submitted to Parliament. Furthermore, when an Act has been passed by Parliament, the Queen must approve it in the Council of State in order for it to come into force.

Meetings of the Council of State take place eight times each year.