Inquiries from the press directed towards the Prime Minister's Office can be received during the entire week via the press phone: +45 29 10 88 25 (cannot receive text messages) or via mail

If you are applying for access to documents, you must send your application to

Other contacts:

Press Secretary Søren Dal Rasmussen

Press Secretary Stine Tidsvilde

Press Secretary Søren Staberg Madsen

Press Secretary Louise Grønkjær

Chief of Press and Communication Sophie Bremer

Cf. also Contacting the Prime Minister’s Office

A press card is required for access to press conferences at the Prime Minister’s Office. Press cards must be visible at all times.

Crediting of multimedia material on the website of the Prime Minister's Office: Video material from press conferences is produced by TV2|NEWS, archived footage from the New Year´s speeches has been provided by Danmarks Radio, and picture material has been provided by the photographers Bjarke Ørsted, Lars Gundersen, Rigmor Mydtskov, Martin Mydtskov, Helle Moos, Jens Astrup, among others.