Press release



Declaration by Heads of State and Government of the European Union, the President of the European Parliament, the President of the European Commission, and the High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy.

The Central and Eastern European countries associated with the European Union, the associated countries Cyprus, Malta and Turkey, and the EFTA countries, members of the European Economic Area align themselves with this declaration.

Today marks the first anniversary of the terrorist attacks against the United States of America.

Thousands of innocent people, many citizens of Europe among them, became victims of terrorism in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania on 11 September 2001. Many died in a selfless and heroic effort to save the lives of others.

It is with deep sorrow that we remember that tragic day. Our thoughts and prayers go to the bereaved families and friends in the United States and throughout the world who were stricken by the violence unleashed a year ago.

11 September reminded all of us that security and democracy can never be taken for granted but must be defended actively and ceaselessly. It also made clear that the scourge of terrorism, in itself a denial of common democratic values and principles, must continue to be met through steadfast international cooperation. Those who perpetrate and sponsor terrorist acts will be brought to justice and punished.

The terrorist attacks of 11 September have given rise to the most comprehensive international cooperation in decades. Countries all over the world have united in the common cause against the kind of cynical contempt for human lives that lies behind it. This unique solidarity must be sustained and supported, also through dialogue of cultures.

11 September underlined how inextricably intertwined our destinies are. The EU will not slacken its resolve to contribute to the international community’s fight against terrorism. We will continue to stand side by side with the United States and all the other countries in this endeavour and seek to build a just international order that promotes peace and prosperity for all.