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AFR EU-Canada Summit on 19 December


On 19 December, Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen will participate in the biannual Summit between the EU and Canada. Summits have been held between the EU and Canada since 1990.

The talks are expected to focus on ways of broadening co-operation between the EU and Canada, for example within the economic sphere, regarding current international issues and with respect to strengthening the multilateral system.

In connection with the visit, the Danish Prime Minister will have a bilateral meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, where Danish-Canadian relations will be discussed. In this respect, the signing of a co-operation agreement on biotechnology is expected.

On this occasion, Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen states:

“I am looking forward to the EU-Canada Summit, which will be the last official Summit held during the Danish EU Presidency. There is a close relationship between the EU and Canada, which is based on common values and visions regarding peace, free trade and democracy. We have a long history of international co-operation and bilateral trade. Canada is also an important partner in international organisations.

A strengthening of co-operation with Canada is a natural part of the continuing development of close and stable transatlantic relations. The Summit offers a good opportunity to further strengthen both EU and Danish relations with Canada. This may include co-operation regarding, for example, anti-terrorism, the Northern regions, youth exchange and Africa.

At the bilateral meeting between Denmark and Canada, we will, among other things, discuss the issue of exchange visits as well as the possibility of strengthening joint research efforts within the field of biotechnology.”

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A joint press conference with Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen and Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien will be held on Thursday 19 December at 12:30 PM in The Media Reading Room, Room 237-C, Centre Block, Parliament Hill, Ottawa.

A joint statement will be issued following the EU-Canada Summit (see

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