Press release

AFR The visit of the Commission creates a good platform for the Danish Presidency


The European Commission visited Copenhagen on 1 July to discuss the priorities and work of the Danish Presidency from 1 July to 31 December 2002.

During the visit, the Government met jointly with the Commission as a whole. The individual ministers also had opportunities to meet individually with colleagues from the Commission responsible for the same policy areas.

The meeting confirmed that the Danish Presidency has in front of it a very comprehensive agenda. Enlargement will be at the centre, but there will also be great challenges and a demanding work to do in other policy areas.

The Commission supports the priorities of the Danish Presidency Programme. It supports the main priority – the enlargement – as well as the other central priorities of the programme: Freedom, Security and Justice; Sustainable Development; Safe food; Global responsibility.

After meeting with the Commission, Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen stated:

“A good cooperation between Denmark and the Commission, at all levels, will be crucial for our ability to handle the many important tasks during our Presidency in the best possible way. This applies to the enlargement of the EU as well as the other important areas.

The meeting between the Government and the Commission proved consensus on the way forward. We will have a close cooperation with the Commission. The meeting today created a good platform for our further work.”