Press release

AFR First EU-Republic of Korea Summit


The first EU-Republic of Korea Summit took place in Copenhagen on 24 September 2002. Attached is the joint communiqué, which was adopted by the summit.

Republic of Korea-EU Joint Communiqué

The first Summit between the European Union and the Republic of Korea was held in Copenhagen on 24 September 2002. President Kim Dae-jung from the Republic of Korea and Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen in his capacity as President of the European Council, and the President of the European Commission Romano Prodi attended the meeting.

The leaders welcomed the significant progress in relations between the Republic of Korea and EU. Leaders emphasised that the first ROK-EU Summit underlined the strengthening partnership evolving between the parties. They expressed their resolve to further expand and deepen relations based on the ROK-EU Framework Agreement of April 2001.

Leaders had an extensive exchange of views concerning the situation on the Korean Peninsula. They welcomed the adoption at ASEM 4 of the “Political Declaration for Peace on the Korean Peninsula”, which reaffirmed the strong support by ASEM member countries for the peace process underway. In particular, President Kim expressed his appreciation to the EU side for its active and constructive role in promoting peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula. The Korean President welcomed EU efforts to encourage a reform process in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea through political dialogue, technical and humanitarian assistance as well as active participation in the KEDO project and requested that the EU continue its efforts. The EU commended President Kim’s efforts to secure peace and stability in the peninsula through inter-Korean conciliation and co-operation and welcomed recent positive steps to decrease tensions and promote dialogue, including the launching of the reconnection of the inter-Korean road and rail links across the border. The EU reconfirmed its commitment to continue its engagement in the peace process on the Korean Peninsula.

The two sides agreed to further expand trade and investment and economic cooperation. The leaders underscored their mutual desire to bring about a successful conclusion of the Doha Development Agenda. Both sides expressed their desire to further strengthen their important bilateral trade and investment ties through the continued and accelerated improvement of market access conditions in line with their international obligations. In particular, the parties stressed the importance of continuing their efforts with a view to further eliminating trade barriers.

Leaders emphasised that this first ROK-EU Summit offered a valuable opportunity to discuss issues of mutual concern in a frank manner laying the groundwork for further expansion of ROK-EU relations. The date of the second ROK-EU Summit will be fixed at a mutually convenient time through consultations between the Parties.